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        海关编码即HS编码,为编码协调制度的简称。其全称为《商品名称及编码协调制度的国际公约》(International Convention for Harmonized Commodity Description and Coding System)简称协调制度(Harmonized System,缩写为HS)。世界上200多个国家使用HS,全球贸易总量98%以上的货物都是以HS分类。HS最新版本为2017版,一共有1222个4位税目和5387个6位子目,世界各国在前6位协调一致,即一般情况下,同一商品在世界各国HS的前6位应该相同。当然,由于各国采用HS不同版本以及各国海关的具体规定,也可能存在差异,HS编码每5年修订一次,下一次修订为2022年。



♦ 提供全球175地区海关编码HS查询及相互转换
♦ 提供海关编码HS生成器: 从类,章,4位,6位逐步生成HS
♦ 提供CAS/CUS 参考HS查询
♦ 提供SDE/CIQ 查询
♦ 提供中美加征关税和排除清单查询


This website is a professional HS code website, affording 175 regions’ HS code, together with “level” and duty. “level” (the "-" prefix before the name) is similar to tree branch, which is an important basis for HS Code. HS comparisons must also be performed at the same level.

HS code is the abbreviation of the Harmonized Coding System. Its full name is the “International Convention for Harmonized Commodity Description and Coding System” (Harmonized System, abbreviated as HS). More than 200 countries in the world are using HS, and more than 98% of the global trade products are classified under HS. The latest version of HS is the 2017, with a total of 1222 items of 4-digits and 5387 items of 6-digits. Worldwide HS is harmonized in first 6-digits level, in another word, same product should be in same first 6-digtis for all regions. Of course, due to the different versions of HS used by regions and the specific region customs regulations, there may also be some discrepancy. The HS is revised every 5 years, and the next revision is in 2022.

HTS is a Harmonized Tariff Schedule. It is regional Tariff Codes based of the HS Code. Every region might have different length, such as: 10 digits in China, 10 digits in the United States, 10 digits in the European Union, and 8 digits in Singapore etc. Because it is based on the HS, is harmonized in first 6-digits level (almost same). Of course, in most cases, we do not distinguish between HS and HTS, and take them as same.

Finally, welcome to this website, please share it with your team or friends if possible. We will ensure the correct data as possible as we could. If you find any wrong data or need business cooperation, please contact web@wwwhts.com.

♦ Provide worldwide 175 regions HS Code inquiry&convert among them
♦ HS generator:Generate HS step by step, from section, chapter, heading, subheading
♦ CAS/CUS to HS lookup
♦ SDE/CIQ lookup
♦ US/CN additional duty and exclusion list lookup

Regions List:

Afghanistan HS; Albania HS; Algeria HS; Angola HS; Antigua and Barbuda HS; Argentina HS; Armenia HS; Australia HS; Austria HS; Azerbaijan HS; Bahamas HS; Bahrain HS; Bangladesh HS; Barbados HS; Belarus HS; Belgium HS; Belize HS; Benin HS; Bolivia HS; Botswana HS; Brazil HS; Brunei HS; Bulgaria HS; Burkina Faso HS; Burundi HS; Cambodia HS; Cameroon HS; Canada HS; Cape Verde HS; Central African Republic HS; Chad HS; Chile HS ; China HS 2022! ; Colombia HS; Comoros HS; Congo, Democratic Republic of HS; Congo, the Republic of HS; Costa Rica HS; Côte d'Ivoire HS; Croatia HS; Cuba HS; Cyprus HS; Czech HS; Denmark HS; Dominica HS; Dominican Rep HS; Ecuador HS; Egypt HS; El Salvador HS; Estonia HS; Ethiopia HS; EU HS 2022! ; Fiji HS; Finland HS; France HS; Gabon HS; Gambia HS; Georgia HS; Germany HS; Ghana HS; Great Britain HS; Greece HS; Grenada HS; Guatemala HS; Guinea HS; Guinea-Bissau HS; Guyana HS; Haiti HS; Honduras HS; Hong Kong HS 2022! ; Hungary HS; Iceland HS; India HS; Indonesia HS; Iran HS; Iraq HS;Ireland HS; Israel HS; Italy HS; Jamaica HS; Japan HS 2022!; Jordan HS; Kazakhstan HS; Kenya HS; Korea, Republic of HS 2022! ; Kuwait HS; Kyrgyzstan HS; Laos HS; Latvia HS; Lesotho HS; Liberia HS; Libya HS;Lithuania HS; Luxembourg HS; Macau HS; Madagascar HS; Malawi HS; Malaysia HS; Maldives HS; Mali HS; Malta HS; Mauritania HS; Mauritius HS; Mexico HS; Moldova, Republic of HS; Mongolia HS; Montenegro HS; Moroco HS; Mozambique HS; Myanmar HS; Namibia HS; Nepal HS; Netherlands HS; New Zealand HS; Nicaragua HS; Niger HS; Nigeria HS; North Macedonia, the Republic of HS; Norway HS; Oman HS; Pakistan HS; Palestine, the State of HS; Panama HS; Papua New Guinea HS; Paraguay HS; Peru HS; Philippines HS; Poland HS; Portugal HS; Qatar HS; Romania HS; Russia HS; Rwanda HS; Saint Kitts and Nevis HS; Saint Lucia HS; Saint Vincent and the Grenadines HS; Samoa HS; Saudi Arabia HS; Senegal HS; Serbia HS; Seychelles HS; Sierra Leone HS; Singapore HS 2022! ; Slovakia HS; Slovenia HS; South Africa HS; South Sudan HS; Spain HS; Sri Lanka HS; Sudan HS; Suriname HS; Swaziland HS; Sweden HS; Switzerland HS; Taiwan HS; Tajikistan HS; Tanzania, United Republic of HS; Thailand HS; Togo HS; Tonga HS; Trinidad and Tobago HS; Tunisia HS; Turkey HS; Uganda HS; Ukraine HS; United Arab Em HS; Uruguay HS; USA HS 2022!; Uzbekistan HS; Vanuatu HS; Venezuela HS; Vietnam HS; Yemen HS; Zambia HS; Zimbabwe HS.


阿富汗HS海关编码; 阿尔巴尼亚HS海关编码; 阿尔及利亚HS海关编码; 安哥拉HS海关编码; 安提瓜和巴布达HS海关编码; 阿根廷HS海关编码; 亚美尼亚HS海关编码; 澳大利亚HS海关编码; 奥地利HS海关编码; 阿塞拜疆HS海关编码; 巴哈马HS海关编码; 巴林HS海关编码; 孟加拉国HS海关编码; 巴巴多斯HS海关编码; 白俄罗斯HS海关编码; 比利时HS海关编码; 伯利兹HS海关编码; 贝宁HS海关编码; 玻利维亚HS海关编码; 博茨瓦纳HS海关编码; 巴西HS海关编码; 文莱HS海关编码; 保加利亚HS海关编码; 布基纳法索HS海关编码; 布隆迪HS海关编码; 柬埔寨HS海关编码; 喀麦隆HS海关编码; 加拿大HS海关编码; 佛得角HS海关编码; 中非HS海关编码; 乍得HS海关编码; 智利HS海关编码; 中国HS海关编码 2022! ; 哥伦比亚HS海关编码; 科摩罗HS海关编码; 刚果(金)HS海关编码; 刚果(布)HS海关编码; 哥斯达黎加HS海关编码; 科特迪瓦HS海关编码; 克罗地亚HS海关编码; 古巴HS海关编码; 塞浦路斯HS海关编码; 捷克HS海关编码; 丹麦HS海关编码; 多米尼克HS海关编码; 多米尼加HS海关编码; 厄瓜多尔HS海关编码; 埃及HS海关编码; 萨尔瓦多HS海关编码; 爱沙尼亚HS海关编码; 埃塞俄比亚HS海关编码; 欧盟HS海关编码 2022! ; 斐济HS海关编码; 芬兰HS海关编码; 法国HS海关编码; 加蓬HS海关编码; 冈比亚HS海关编码; 格鲁吉亚HS海关编码; 德国HS海关编码; 加纳HS海关编码; 英国HS海关编码; 希腊HS海关编码; 格林纳达HS海关编码; 危地马拉HS海关编码; 几内亚HS海关编码; 几内亚比绍HS海关编码; 圭亚那HS海关编码; 海地HS海关编码; 洪都拉斯HS海关编码; 中国香港HS海关编码 2022! ; 匈牙利HS海关编码; 冰岛HS海关编码; 印度HS海关编码; 印度尼西亚HS海关编码; 伊朗HS海关编码; 伊拉克海关编码;爱尔兰HS海关编码; 以色列HS海关编码; 意大利HS海关编码; 牙买加HS海关编码; 日本HS海关编码 2022! ; 约旦HS海关编码; 哈萨克斯坦HS海关编码; 肯尼亚HS海关编码; 韩国HS海关编码 2022! ; 科威特HS海关编码; 吉尔吉斯斯坦HS海关编码; 老挝HS海关编码; 拉脱维亚HS海关编码; 莱索托HS海关编码; 利比里亚HS海关编码; 利比亚HS海关编码;立陶宛HS海关编码; 卢森堡HS海关编码; 中国澳门HS海关编码; 马达加斯加HS海关编码; 马拉维HS海关编码; 马来西亚HS海关编码; 马尔代夫HS海关编码; 马里HS海关编码; 马耳他HS海关编码; 毛里塔尼亚HS海关编码; 毛里求斯HS海关编码; 墨西哥HS海关编码; 摩尔多瓦HS海关编码; 蒙古HS海关编码; 黑山HS海关编码; 摩洛哥HS海关编码; 莫桑比克HS海关编码; 缅甸HS海关编码; 纳米比亚HS海关编码; 尼泊尔HS海关编码; 荷兰HS海关编码; 新西兰HS海关编码; 尼加拉瓜HS海关编码; 尼日尔HS海关编码; 尼日利亚HS海关编码; 北马其顿HS海关编码; 挪威HS海关编码; 阿曼HS海关编码; 巴基斯坦HS海关编码; 巴勒斯坦HS海关编码; 巴拿马HS海关编码; 巴布亚新几内亚HS海关编码; 巴拉圭HS海关编码; 秘鲁HS海关编码; 菲律宾HS海关编码; 波兰HS海关编码; 葡萄牙HS海关编码; 卡塔尔HS海关编码; 罗马尼亚HS海关编码; 俄罗斯HS海关编码; 卢旺达HS海关编码; 圣基茨和尼维斯HS海关编码; 圣卢西亚HS海关编码; 圣文森特和格林纳丁斯HS海关编码; 萨摩亚HS海关编码; 沙特阿拉伯HS海关编码; 塞内加尔HS海关编码; 塞尔维亚HS海关编码; 塞舌尔HS海关编码; 塞拉利昂HS海关编码; 新加坡HS海关编码 2022! ; 斯洛伐克HS海关编码; 斯洛文尼亚HS海关编码; 南非HS海关编码; 南苏丹HS海关编码; 西班牙HS海关编码; 斯里兰卡HS海关编码; 苏丹HS海关编码; 苏里南HS海关编码; 斯威士兰HS海关编码; 瑞典HS海关编码; 瑞士HS海关编码; 中国台湾HS海关编码; 塔吉克斯坦HS海关编码; 坦桑尼亚HS海关编码; 泰国HS海关编码; 多哥HS海关编码; 汤加HS海关编码; 特立尼达和多巴哥HS海关编码; 突尼斯HS海关编码; 土耳其HS海关编码; 乌干达HS海关编码; 乌克兰HS海关编码; 阿联酋HS海关编码; 乌拉圭HS海关编码; 美国HS海关编码 2022!; 乌兹别克斯坦HS海关编码; 瓦努阿图HS海关编码; 委内瑞拉HS海关编码; 越南HS海关编码; 也门HS海关编码; 赞比亚HS海关编码; 津巴布韦HS海关编码。
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